My Dad.

I love my Dad so much. He just emailed me this, and his simple way of explaining the epic depth of human community is awesome.

“A child was not very connected in school and when they started a drawing exercise she got involved.  The surprised teacher walked by.

T “what are you drawing?”

C “I am drawng a picture of God”

T You can’t do that. No one knows what God looks like.

C They will soon.

The lovely thing about your work is how one to one it is lots of the time. Two boys from school met you and were so engaged in what you do that they came to me and raised their visit with me. It is very complex but for whatever reason God left the transformation of his people to almost random one on one stuff done by amateurs who are largely unaware of the bigger chemistry as it happens.

I am slowly getting to the stage at school where I am getting more involved in relating with the students more now that I am comfortable with the demands of the system.

We live in a remarkable world at an amazing time of change and connectivity. None of us are really sure where it is going but the connection with God I think anchors us with something that gives weight to what we are up to.

Today I heard part of the Ted Talks hour that is now on radio national. It was on classrooms. Inspiring and a privilege to be able to listen to remarkable thinkers while riding to school.

Got to get the kids onto their next task. Again amazing that I can send you an email in the middle of a class room in Canberra and it gets to you in Newcastle.”

I feel like the luckiest kid in the world to have a Dad like him.

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