The kingdom of heaven is like…

Mr M. Who wrote in beautiful coloured calligraphy, 50 name tags for the doors of young men and women learning more about Jesus in community. These same men and women whose lives have been inspired to love deeper and do family better by this man and his family. Mr M constantly regales this community with songs and joy and wisdom and a father heart that cracks jokes, cries, and helps make life extremely better. And these 50 names were written as a gift on his own birthday.

The kingdom is like a son, who joined his brother in cooking cakes, and meals and engaging a kitchen full of people in joyful mirth. Once again, on his birthday.

The kingdom is also like a woman celebrating 50 years with a room filled with people that she loves. A celebration deserving of speeches from all attending, to regale such a wonderful woman with affirmation and praise. Instead she tips it all on its head. She goes around the room and stops at every person and tells them why she loves them and why she’s glad they are here. I was standing in that room, a friend of her eldest son. Not really knowing that she would say much to me…. She stops, and begins this story. Of how she has enjoyed watching me and her sons friendship, but then how she appreciates my involvement in her life because of some nice things i bring. We both verged on joy filled tears of appreciation, because here was one of my secondary mums telling me how much she loved me on HER birthday.

The kingdom of heaven is a freaky place, filled with topsy turvey principles that change how we think and how we react.

One to finish, the kingdom of heaven is like a man who hates crowds, hates being made a fuss of, hates public speaking, but who does all of these on his birthday because he knows how much it would mean to other people.

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