Cutting roots because fruit grows back.

If we keep cutting off fruit, whilst fertilising the roots, fruit will continue to grow back. But if we destroy the roots and rip them out, then neither fruit, not trees will grow.

Lets test this theory a little by asking a billion questions about abortion. – A topic i know very little about because i have never had one, could never get one, have never had sex, nor been around a birth. But i ask enough questions to annoy even the sanest of thinkers and i have heard from those who have aborted, those who have given birth and those who are pro and anti it.

Firstly why does a person get an abortion? A myriad of reasons. Most conservatives seem to think, one only gets an abortion if one is a skanky slut who doesn’t know how to keep it in his pants or the down right evil, intent on destroy all that is good. Many liberals seem to think that abortions are kind of like getting your teeth cleaned. Theres nothing about it that effects you other then your teeth are cleaner. (and everything in between) Some others are, the obvious – because of rape, and one doesn’t want to bare the child of someone you know fear or hate or both. (Conservatives seem to think that the pain and trauma of rape will just disappear after you have the rapists child, they seem to forget the pain and heartache of rape, and then they seem to forget about the trauma of birthing said child. Liberals seem to forget the trauma of rape, and think that the trauma of abortion will fix everything) I’ve heard people standing outside of abortion clinics with placards. So not only are these representatives of Christ standing in the way of the only way these women are trying to rid their body of bad memories or choices but they are doing it with silent pieces of plastic with words. Jesus sat with people, Jesus spoke with people, Jesus touched people and gave them what they needed or in some cases, got rid of what they didn’t need.

Secondly what constitutes an abortion? Because, when you think about it, there are many lines that we could draw. One could be totally last minute, which i term infanticide, which is – baby comes out of womb, breathes its first breath, cries out its first tear filled murmurs and then is taken away and killed in a whole swathe of different ways depending on your culture. Some of the pacific islands would leave them on the beach, so that nature could take the babies as a form of population control on some of their tiny islands, other cultures do it a little more graphically. Another line would be – days before the baby is due to be born, a mothers health and life will be compromised if this baby comes out of her the natural way or the mother has decided not to go through with the birth. So the baby is killed inside the womb, or pulled from her unnaturally (making it infanticide) The baby drew no breath, spoke no words, and lived no moments independently from its mother. The lines are drawn further and further towards contraception. The baby is less and less formed, less and less able to live independently from its mother, less and less a person. This continues until the moment of conception, where separate egg and sperm collide, at which point the foetus has a who knows what percentage chance to end up a human. But take it back another step, every sperm, every egg has the potential to be a human. So is it abortion every time a woman expels an egg? Is it abortion every time a man has a nocturnal emission or ejaculates into any number of things including a condom. There are parts of the body of christ who believe that contraception is from the devil. That every time we have sex we are giving each sperm a chance to be Gods anointed. So i wonder what those members of the church think about the rampant masturbation and late motherhood of its congregations men and women?

So where does one draw the line. Because, some have drawn the line at contraception all the way till the moment a baby draws its own independent breath. Depending on your conclusion determines how often we should picket abortion clinics, or how often we should shoot and or imprison abortionists or Christian protesters. Because in the words of a woman much smarter then me ‘The people will have justice’. So some of the questions we need to get our heads around are – What is justice for women and children? What is justice for unborn babies? Is this a scientific issue (a sphere of society the church refuses to trust)? Is this a family issue (which the church and society at large doesn’t seem to know how to do well)? Is this a government issue (of whos job is not education or social welfare, but whose job is justice)? Or is this a miscommunication of the love of Christ at a grass roots level?

But lets return to the tree analogy of fruit. If you believe the abortion line is drawn minutes after the sperm has invaded the egg, then, when protesting others who don’t agree with you, it would be inappropriate at the basic level to picket. It would be inappropriate for us to legislate something like that when a minority of Christians in most nations vote. It would be unhelpful for the glory of God to judge these women, with different world views, different life pressures, different choices to damn them to some hell filled with murderers. Especially if those same people are, themselves, from broken homes, dysfunctional relationships, and addictions to anything. When Jesus was the only one worthy of throwing stones he said to go away and not do it anymore, without throwing a single stone. If we expect to rid the garden of bad fruit we need to get rid of the trees roots.

How does one create communities of committed families? You become one. You build one. You understand one. Families are the foundations of societies. Societies aren’t made up of houses or businesses or tourism or movie award ceremonies. Good societies are made up of great families, solid families, with children who know who they are and why they are. Committed families are committed to the good education of its children, the interdependence of their children, the involvement of their children in the community and in the welfare of their neighbours. And in an environment of that nature, women who end up choosing abortions (if there were any) are apart of loving communities who don’t throw stones. Who don’t shoot doctors (because they all understand and love the doctors intentions) These societies would have many christians in the science realm who would be petitioning God on knowledge and revelation about the effects of abortions on our bodies. The effects of childbirth on our emotional make up – and the church would begin to believe science as smart people revealing what God has already made.

But instead of this one way, which is hard and dirty and difficult and filled with moments of repentance and saying sorry and forgiving and being forgiven, we take the easy road of not knowing our neighbours, never saying sorry, being fake, only voting with our judgemental words, and only when something makes no sense to us or makes us uncomfortable.

So maybe instead of picketing or shooting doctors we should ask more questions like:

Whats your story?
Whats your history?
Whats your needs?
How can i help?

Instead of pointing fingers. Today I heard a lady talk about how biblically God calls for prevention way more then he calls for cures. How do we prevent roots taking hold? How do we prevent trees of bad fruit ever being planted? Its easy to kick over a little plant then try cut a giant oak down with a butter knife. Because if the word of the Lord is our sword then the sword the church currently wields is the most blunt of butter knives in the hands of two year old child prone to tantrums.

Grow some balls and love more people.


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