Abortion Makes Sense Because Our Soil Is Rubbish

The fruit of our labours. Sowing and reaping. Supply and demand. Uncommitted families. Divorce rates. Bored young people without purpose or identity. Ignorance/bliss. Hedonism. Comparison, graceless law. Laziness, stressed out desperate last-minute attempts.

What are we watering our trees with? What are we putting in our soils? What have we been working really hard on to teach our societies children?

If one takes a 8-year-old kid, and into the kids soil, its make up, its morality you pour the following, the tree that springs from such a kid gets interesting:

-Belief that there is no truth. Very changeable right and wrongs depending on the situation.
-Belief that jobs aren’t forever, school isn’t forever, relationships aren’t forever, if it doesn’t feel good then why do it. Very little commitment to anything.
-Belief that there is no real point to life, outside of making sure you feel good.
-Belief that security comes in the forms of solid job prospects, a mortgage being paid off and a nicer car then the next door neighbour.
-Belief that evil does not exist. This gets quite surprising when evil rears its evil face and then the no-evil believer reacts in vengeance permeating further evil.
-Belief that we are doing no damage to the planet, our cheap clothes are made by faceless people that may or may not be worthy of being called human…. we’re not sure.

ETC ETC – through our education systems, our wonky versions of family, our political mess and our economic belief that we should make as much profit as quickly as possible even if that destroys everything for our children – WE DON’T CARE!

Abortions make sense if there is no truth, no comfort, no love, no value of mothers. (that’s a funny one right?) How can abortions be because there’s no value of mothers, isn’t this about the children?

We live in current times when there is almost no support of mothers. Not from fathers who run off with other women, not from fathers who are more interested in work. Not from living expenses that mean that parents have to both work. Not from the church who often will only support mothers in perfect circumstances. Not from their own mothers because our pride filled independence either wants to do it on our own or is expected to do it on our own so the words ‘I need help’ can never be on our lips. We don’t value mothers. We don’t support mothers. So who would want to be a mother?

We also live in current times that finds comfort in numbing and forgetting in attempted ecstasy. Drugs, alcohol, sex, work, creation – keeping the party going. And because comfort is actually different from numbing, we never get actual comfort. So we keep drugging ourselves. And because most humans have gone through some kind of trauma that needs comfort, and because most of us aren’t getting it where we need to be getting comfort from, we are all in a place of NEED. We NEED. And sex is fun, and numbing, and to an extent it truly is a part of comfort.

So if we are having sex (sometimes whilst drugged as well) AND if we are taught that truth doesn’t exist AND there is no need for commitment because commitment is sometimes hard AND we don’t want to be mothers and fathers because there is no support for that – THEN, abortions are going to happen. This won’t change if you make it illegal. This won’t change if you picket every abortion clinic in the world. This won’t change if you make the pope president. Why???

Because even if you cut off all the apples of the tree, apples will still grow back. Its not about the apples. And unlike trees, when you keep cutting fruit off of humans, they begin to fell a sense of injustice. As if ‘we are a tree, build to make fruit, and you are taking all the fruit, this is unfair’. Which ends up being a thing of ‘Humans will get justice, but if you hold it back for too long it will explode’.

Before abortion became illegal and probably still happens, desperate women who were in a desperate position for very logical reasons, NEEDED, an abortion. So they would get it however they could. Male doctors drunk on power and money were known to abuse and destroy many women. Because they could. (This sentiment is also very logical if you follow the doctors lives to that point, through social conditioning, pride and a bent need for comfort) So women died, or were wounded, or were not supported at all and had to harbour all this hurt and sadness without being able to get any comfort or process for it. The church also, I assume because i wasn’t born yet, turned a blind eye to the idea of abortion, because they didn’t really seem to kick up a stink. They didn’t mobilise the troops until the government came along and decided ‘You know what? Women should be able to publicly choose, and society should support that decision so less of them die or get maimed for life.’

Why is it then, that the church kicks up a stink? Why is it when intelligent scientists and researches come to the conclusion that, if we give Africans free condoms, that research suggests that the spread of AIDS might be stopped quite quickly that we rise up as the body of Christ as if to say “No science, you are wrong, we know better then you”. Why is it that the son of God, supreme over everything, dies on a cross and leaves us with a mandate of LOVE, but we turn around and say ‘Oh no Jesus, we know better then you, we are going to condemn those who are vulnerable and desperate and only reward those who look pious at our get-togethers’?

We have been called to grow great trees that bear great fruit. NOT grow rubbish trees that bear great fruit. That doesn’t make sense in anyone’s experience of life. If you have rubbish soil, with rubbish trees, with rubbish branches, you will get rubbish fruit. But if we have great soil that we tend to every year and treat with respect and with a futuristic forethought, we will most likely grow amazing trees, with solid root systems and amazing branches. and the fruit will drip off, and it will be great fruit.


5 thoughts on “Abortion Makes Sense Because Our Soil Is Rubbish

    1. The children that already walk the earth. Feeding Gods live into their identity, teaching them of commitment, of love, of Jesus, of their roles on the earth. your thoughts?

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