The Hospital and Uterus.

We sit in the waiting room as if we are hurting or dying or diseased. We act more like a fire hazard for the actual patients. The nurses and doctors are pulling double and triple shifts to try and get through us all, they can almost see a man bleeding, but its gong to take a few days to get to him.

Some of the nurses have even sat down in the cue too, in front of pregnant women in labour. The harvest is ripe, he said. We just need the workers, he said. But in this hospital the workers are too busy with the healthy. Fully grown men trying to push their way back into the womb, back into their tiny pajamas. Old people in nappys instead of 4wds, on adventure. The young all sitting glued to screens and lecture halls, learning obsolete knowledge whilst their pockets vibrate with the largest how to book ever mass produced.

We are born into the kingdom, we need to grow in the kingdom. We need to birth others into the kingdom. Babies can’t do anything.

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