People will get married.

I don’t really know how to start.

The US Supreme court has decided to examine gay marriage. (woah hang on what…. that came out of left field #sarcasm) And so a few christians are up in arms about it like

“This is from satan, we need to stop this at all costs.
lets raise up and do this people,
because God doesn’t believe in gay marriage, only straight marriage.”

And a lot of the rest of Christendom is either happy in their marijiana-like haze of comfortable apathetic ignorance or have decided that actually God does like gay marriage and have jumped on that band wagon, either quite ignorantly (uninformed) or by being quite overly educated and almost competitively academic.

Now, a few blogs in a row I’ve been on this strange rant of fruit versus roots. 

How, cutting the fruits off trees doesn’t usually stop a tree from growing fruit, but burning the roots out usually begins a process of getting rid of the tree entirely.

So, lets start with the fruits of gay marriage being legalized. Now, irrelevant of what the bible says about that whole topic, many people want gay marriage. Some people will die for the LGBT movement to further its rights. So, even making it illegal (death penalty in places like Uganda) you still have individuals that find themselves in groups of people that are all in love with and/or attracted to people that are of the same gender as themselves.

Humans have desires that don’t line up with the bible and merely cutting the fruit, in my opinion, won’t improve peoples lives, especially if we keep heaping fertilizer and nutrients on the trees.

Second idea, echo’d from earlier blogs (about how abortion makes sense) –

our world currently finds itself in a forest of trees all intent on teaching our young people that:

-there is no truth. Very changeable right and wrongs depending on the situation.
-there is no real point to life, outside of making sure you feel good.
-evil does not exist. This gets quite surprising when evil rears its evil face and then the no-evil believer reacts in vengeance permeating further evil.
-we are doing no damage to the planet, our cheap clothes are made by faceless people that may or may not be worthy of being called human…. we’re not sure.
-and we need to do what feels right.

So then, we have children from broken homes, or insecure experiences, or rebellious circumstances or born that way and they find that sex, relationships and commitment to members of their own gender is
                                              quite enjoyable and safe and real,
and for a lot its what they have been looking for all of their lives, after living lives of suppression and disappointment .

Then, along comes another group of humans and they
                                                                           point fingers,
and yell more abuse then they received when they were younger.

They don’t hold out comfort or love or anything that really resonates with their conclusions, just rules and further relational split ups and loneliness.

Third idea is a quote from one of my heros referring to Israel of bible times as well as hinting at America and the west.

“There were four stages in their moral decay:
Israel forgot God.
Then they forgot His laws.
Then they made up new gods.
Then they made up new laws.”

Followed by another quote from a man I highly respect but don’t agree with

                   “..these cases threaten nothing less than the redefinition of the most basic and essential institution of human society – any society. Marriage stands at the center of human culture and life, forming the necessary network of relationships upon which society depends. Every society in human history has found its way to the establishment of marriage as the centering institution of all social order. Its exclusively heterosexual character has been challenged only in very recent years and only in a few nations.”

I agree with him that marriage and family stands at the centre of human culture and strong societies, but i disagree that this latest act by a political governing body is redefining anything or challenging anything that we as humanity haven’t thrown out the window hundreds of years ago. In many ways and means, we have rebelled against Gods true shape for society since Adam (the united man and lady, for they didn’t split till blame was shifted) ate the apple, destroying what would have been (and will be again) paradise.

In that moment we broke the intentions of our creator and it has echoed through our world. More then thirty five years ago Australia brought in an act of parliament to make it easier to divorce each other. This was because some marriages were choosing to not love each other, there was some abuse, and it has given spouses who have needed it protection, but it also completely redefined commitment and family units (and since has been joined by porn and other distractions from committed marriages that haven’t help bring commitment back into marriage at all) –

Did we invent divorce in the 70’s?

Did we invent homosexuality in San Fran? No.

Men and women have been having sex with each other since time began. In healthy and unhealthy ways. In committed and uncommitted ways. Illegally and Legally. It doesn’t really matter. We are going to do it.

I’m at 900 words, I’ll continue this later…. –

Getting God back into the roots.

Setting the standard: they can’t make commitment illegal.

6 thoughts on “People will get married.

    1. am i replying to my own comment? i read your blog during an 11 hour road trip in a van full of people, on my iphone, and the first thing that came to mind was the blog i posted a link to above, because i had just read it. re-reading your blog now on an actual computer and alone and not in a car, i’m not as sure why i posted the link, other than perhaps to add to the discussion. but honestly i don’t really remember what she wrote either, because i read it in a hostel dining room that made me miss lewis house. point: i need to re-read both blogs. point 2: it wouldn’t be a waste of your time to read the one i posted. side-point 3: there are so many reasons to go back to australia, but most of them involve coffee and great discussion.

      1. i have time this weekend wherein i could drink coffee on my side of the world and you could drink coffee on your side aaaaand discussion could start aaaaand if this is the holly i think it is then baby fuiava would be welcome to cry in the background.
        i read the first part of the blog posted and my big sister also told me of the marin foundation which i will now begin reading up on.
        i want to live in the tension between mercy and justice the rest of my life, and therefore i will need to get used to fielding tension from others from both sides.

      2. I read the blog that you posted… I think it was written well and I agree with about 50% of what she said. I am all in on loving people and not judging them and celebrating life and individuals etc etc
        But I think the major problem within the church today is people picking and choosing what part of the Bible they want to follow based on their lifestyle. There are so so so many things the Bible does not address thoroughly like slavery or say child pornography but I am still 100% convinced those things break Gods heart, outrages him etc. so to say homosexuality is not sin based on her interpretation of what she believes to be mistranslated text I think is pretty bold. To use a woman preaching I think shows that she does not know how to distinguish the difference in the writings- who it was to, that it was a letter etc
        I love what Peter Warren wrote on Facebook the other day regarding this and I think he hit the nail on the head quite well that often we allow our societies to dictate what we take from gods word and what we discard when it should be opposite that gods word should lead our societies
        Ok this got real long…. Sorry

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