Our definitions are dumb.

I have read some pretty stupid stuff in the last hour.

And it seems to mainly have to do with how we define certain words.

I have read radically differing definitions of the following words from multiple representatives of many different groups:

Love – Apparently it is either being nice to people, or not being nice to people, or judging people, or not judging people, or picking favourites and treating others different because we are either right or wrong.

Marriage – It is either the foundation of good societies, or something that we don’t know how to do and therefore can not do. It seems either different in the last 5 years that it has for the previous 8000-72.1 billion years depending on your definition of “creation” and if single cell creatures can marry.

Tolerance – Its either loving people (see above for definition), not loving people, saying you love people when you don’t really or finding the tension between agreeing to disagree or funding a common middle ground.

Government – It seems to be either an extension of the church, not an extension of the church, a mysterious and hoped extension of the church which is financed by the church but doesn’t really represent the church but kinda maybe does, something the church finds dirty, something completely unrelated to the church, or ultimately a wet dream of the church that they are now out of touch with.

The Bible – Is either Gods word, mans word, Gods word mistranslated by man that man gets to pick which is Gods and which is theirs, an irrelevant fairy tale, the opposite of what WE want and therefore a lie, an outdated truth that created good things once but not anymore.

Its funny that when these simple words have different meanings, we get into discussions that aren’t really the discussions we think we are having.

For example:

If the government of a nation is actually just a reflection of the people of a nations conclusions (for they vote and hold the power), and if marriage is a convenient term that means ‘those that were once committed to each other as apart of solid communities but are now “feeling” differently about the whole thing’ and love means forcing people to believe what you believe….

Then gay marriage is an incredible thing that should be legalized by the nation state of America entirely and everyone should go to gay weddings AND heterosexual divorce proceedings and throw rocks at peoples heads because they believe different things to us.

Now, certain conservatives will read into the paragraph ‘Yeah, we should throw rocks at gay peoples heads’ and certain members of the LGBT community will read ‘Heck yeah, legalization!’

But our definitions are quite different and in some cases weak.

If marriage is two uncommitted individuals at the mercy of their feelings then the divorce rate is going to continue to sky rocket. In both camps. If we violently oppose those that we disagree with, then the church will continue to weaken. It may grow, but it will be fatter and weaker then it has ever been. If the LGBT community understand Jesus only through the lenses of insecure christians and their affiliates then both the Bride of Christ and the LGBT community are missing out on some beautiful friendships and revelations.

In both camps we need to start at the heart of the matter. One side has deeply wronged the other, and in many cases in response to that wrong the other camp has deeply wronged the other in vengeance. (classic evil in vengeance for evil, its what makes the world go round the wrong way)

I could go on, but i need to make cookies again.

But i finish with two quotes of many that made me think a lot today.

“Gays have the right to be as miserable as I make my husband.” – on a placard held by a woman outside the American Supreme Court.


“our call as Christians “is to share God’s grace, not to decide who gets it”

We can’t really share anything with people on either side of the fence we don’t know or even don’t like.

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