What I know I know about Joy



I know very little of physics, or how the human body actually works. I know very little about sport and I only a know a few words in languages other then english.

But I know the powerful force of joy.

I know of being so joyful that daily abuse didn’t touch who I knew i was.

Joy allowed me to step past physical tiredness to get things finished,

to get through physical pain to help a farm in Thailand for a week.

Joy can get you through a whole lot of things.

But joy also increases your capacity http://wp.me/p1utPe-5D:






and Love.

Joy gives you hospitality super powers that allow you to give space to those who aren’t usually loved.

Joy gives you the arms to hold others.

Joy gives you the smiles to assure people are valued and beloveds.


I know that joy saves peoples lives because Joy comes directly from a father that runs as fast as he can to gather us into his arms to welcome us home every time we turn back.



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