The blacks. I

When I was very young I was riding on the pegs on the back of my friends bike. We were booking it down a path past my primary school and I began feeling uncomfortable. We were going way too fast and we were going to get even faster as we descended a hill. I started asking the driver to slow down, after realising the brakes weren’t great, I just jumped off. The sudden change in speeds, that fact I hadn’t thought about what i was doing at all, my body ended up almost flipping and smashing into the concrete at quite a speed.

When human bodies hit hard concrete its highly likely the human body will suffer more consequences because it is softer and occasionally can break. So in that moment i grazed my knee quite deeply and bruised and battered the rest of my body. I walked away in pain. I have walked away from situations in pain many times before. I’ve broken my scafoid and collar bone skating. I have had my back burned third degree, I’ve sprained both ankles, both wrists, one knee. Cut many fingers, sun burned most of the top half of my body, etc etc – our body holds within it truths. If one cuts his finger in wood work class, there will be blood, there will be pain, there will be a disappointed look from your wood word teacher as if to say “are you serious… again?”

When we drink only coffee and no food or water for a few days straight, there will be strange bowel movements and sometimes heart burn because bodies need a lot of good water to function.

Truth is solid. and we can circumnavigate truth, but there are consequences to that too.

When i broke my wrist, i didn’t see the x ray man for six weeks because i had convinced myself it wasn’t broken. Instead of it healing great like it could have, i now feel where i broke it ever winter. 6 years later. When I don’t sleep for a week and keep myself awake with caffeine and sugar, i can convince myself that its fine because i’m getting a lot of activities done, but it is doing damage to my liver, by stress hormones and who knows what else?

What other blacks are there in the world. The solids. The unmoveables?

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