Radiant. Delightful.

“Could you take a punch to the face

And not even blink an eye.

Would you take a shot to the head

Cause you know that Daddy will make it right.”

Standing in the semi dark of a blue light disco in a pcyc in a small town is strangely hilarious. Earlier that day we had been told ‘ok these kids don’t really dance, they just run around, so our job is to break them up, keep food off the dance floor… crowd control’

So instead we just started dancing, some of us more competent then others. We ate war heads, we made up new moves, and fell back on old ones. We watched kids tease each other, not knowing if it was friendly or not. We laughed, we made others laugh and then, like usual our comfortableness with ourselves ended up in others being comfortable to try things they had never done before.

We played games, a shirt got ripped, a dance circle started and then my ears finally tuned in to what the songs that all strangely had the same bass line were singing. The themes seemed to be

lets disrespect women

lets steal what we want from the thrift shop


there was probably some stuff about partying or being great at some kind of activities, but the songs were very similar and unvaried. – says the jazz and hardcore music fan who is definitely not disenfranchised by anything in particular music wise.

and in the middle of one such song words started dropping

“Would you take a shot to the head

Cause you know that Daddy will make it right.”

This is our problem a lot of the time i feel. we become, ‘orphan spirits’ We forget that our Dad even exists and we can only stand up for ourselves.

“no one else will take care of me, so ill just have to do it” or sometimes us orphans make little bands of orphans and we step up ‘i’ve got your back little orphan, ill take care of you’ but what if we knew we were loved soo much by our daddy that we could take a punch to the face without batting an eye lid. with out thinking of rebellion, without having to defend oneself.

We don’t know who we are because we haven’t asked our Dad.

So yesterday we were sitting down on a softball pitch and a girl looks at me and says ‘does your walkie talkie still work… the one that you can ask God through?.. what does God think of me’

Radiant, Delightful.

A girl next to her has her ears up… what? What does God think of me then?

I look at the first girl – you ask. You ask God what He thinks of her.

The first girl puts her hand around the second girl and closes her eyes and intensely listens.

and there it is. If we can hear our God tell us that he thinks we are delightfully radiant….

If we can tell each other what God thinks of us…

If we can take a punch without batting an eye lid because we know that God sees worth in us sooo much that he died for us on a cross…

http://wp.me/p1utPe-ph <- next post Settling in other people’s homes.

5 thoughts on “Radiant. Delightful.

    1. so cool huh? i think thats what my plans are for the next 5 days. teach others how to teach others how to ask God “who am i” like the bad jackie chan film but not on roof tops.

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