We will find out what we are made of.

‘I didn’t know what I was made of until I was put in a testing situation.’

I was once in a room with a large group of people learning new things and one of the new things really tipped off a friend of mine and he left the room in anger. I chased after him not knowing what would happen when I found him. But in that moment all of my training, all of my experience came to the forefront of need and I ended up guiding him through a process of learning and understanding. But i would never have known that if I hadn’t chased him.

Perseverance, patience, selfless love are all learned and developed by putting ourselves in crowds of hungry people and feeding them. By chasing the unloved, relating to the socially awkward, living on the boundaries of sensible, making uncomfortable decisions for the good of others, by letting ourselves be crucified, naked and alone.

Christ was a man. He felt pain. He was occasionally hungry. But he continually put himself in positions that would test what he was made of. And he was made of a deep, infatuation with the Father. A solid knowledge of who He was and who his Father was.

What are we made of?
Test it. Ask it. and then scream it from the top of a mountain.

Who am I, Dad?
What am I made of?

A touring band, a band of friends -> next post


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