Play dough and identity.

Taking a sip of an amazing coffee I sit inside a cafe on the edges of the kingdom of God. This place has captured my heart through its innate friendliness and the ease of laughter. Never before had i heard of ‘hot nutri grain’ being a breakfast cereal. Never before had i heard ‘shame’ being an insult, and never before had God given me a playdough picture to use in the moment.

Humanity, at times, is really good at destroying each other. If we were all made of play dough, we are really good at tearing big chunks of play dough from each other. Through lying, cheating, insulting, defrauding and being impatient with each other, there are moments in the day that we try to function on half the play dough we are meant to have.

When we find holes in our play dough bodies sometimes we try to fill the hole with the wrong type of dough. We shove bread in there… bread is malleable and soft, like play dough right? But it doesn’t work because then it gets stale and crusty and gross and it falls out. Then we try shove money (dough) in there. But money always falls out because we either run out of it, or use it for the wrong things, or is discoloured.

And this whole time Gd sits back waiting with the perfect amount of play dough to fill us up with, we just have to ask.

We need to get more perfect redemptive play dough off our father, the lord of all dough.

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