Earnest – GO-KART church.

I’ve been some freaky and different churches. But as we sat in a large bus with a crew of less then ten aboriginal kids with the promise of Go-karting later I chuckled.

The pastor/ bus driver began talking about ‘earnestly seeking God’, I had become almost the summariser of the trip, looking for ways to repeat what was being said in a way that young minds would hold onto for longer, so when the chance came I spoke up.

‘Some of you want to become great and football or hip hop or flying, and if we really really want those things, theres certain actions we have to take before we get them. Sometimes we have to get up early, sometimes we have to read sometimes we have to practice’

I then went into a short example about guitar and learning how to play and how sometimes scales were annoying and boring, but ultimately they were great. And earnestly seeking God is the most rewarding thing ever, but we have to work hard at it sometimes – befriending him, getting to know him.

We prayed and all piled out of the van for a combination of cordial and biscuit communion-like snacks and then two at time we got on the go-karts.

And then a challenge was set that i was determined to break. – 47 seconds was the lap time to beat. I had never go-karted in the outback, I had no clue what i was in for, but i loosely timed a member of our group before me and I was sure that i could break that time. Or at least meet it.

So it became my turn, and all my preconceptions floated out of the window in a cloud, if not, a mountain of dirt that hit me in the face. If you didn’t stick to the inside lane you would hit the loose gravel. So the first lap i went pretty chilled, the second lap i pushed in almost hard. Bouncing all over the road you couldn’t really see what you were doing at times and your accelerator food almost lost feeling, but the Kart was amazingly fun to control.

After a few laps I got out and handed it on, and as I got out I saw a member of the team in a deep conversation with three of the younger guys (salvations occured) then i dipped my sweet biscuits into the cordial which was an odd but great flavour. We started conversations about dreams and aspirations, and then I got back in the go-kart to beat the time.

I loosely timed myself around the course the first lap, the second lap i couldn’t time because i was determined to go as fast as possible and im convinced i beat the time because it felt faster then ever. then the third lap got 47. i met the record with a slower lap. I was covered in dirt, filled with adrenalin and had a few more brothers and sisters in the kingdom with us.

Pretty successful go-kart church.

Jesus in the Outback | DTS Outreach from YWAM Newcastle on Vimeo.



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