Catalyst Redeemers.

We are the catalyst redeemers.

We aren’t the redeemers, as we are broken and sinful.

We are the catalysts, the space makers, the co creators, the lynch pins that Jseus partners with to bring redemption to all.

Justice, perfectly melded with Mercy is redemption.

We are the catalyst redeemers, the captain planet of Mercy and Justice, we were saved, we were freed and for freedom we are freed but with freedom we also free.

We are the catalyst redeemers and like the heart and the lungs, sometimes we do the same things over and over, but as oxygenated blood changes everything for every part of the body, we redeem, we change, we create.

We are not machines, heartless, soulless. We are integral, we are specific and unique.

Be the catalyst. Don’t obey mindlessly. Disobey relationally because thats what God needs us to be, grace filled, disobedient artists for a new generation craving a love that is fresh and life giving.

Otherwise this factory will fall apart on its workers instead of rebuilding, repenting, renewing.

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