Simple wrath


God, is incredibly simple and straight forward.

IF you do things that please me

(I.E live life the way we are designed to live it. Life in abundance. Filled with love and blessing)

THEN you will live great lives and have nothing to fear because I am good.

IF you do things that make me sad

(I.E death, rebellion, broken hearts. The opposite of life. the things we aren’t supposed to do, the things we weren’t made for)

THEN you will be cursed and will be my enemy.

In romans paul makes it quite simple.

Gods wrath is against all the bad things.The things that get in the way of goodness. The things that get in the way of life and creation.

Wrath isn’t against His beloved. Wrath is against the peaceful or the obedient.

It’s against the oppressors,

the rebellious,

the evil.

Gods wrath is incredible.

Gods wrath is like the small Tennessee girl who kills a rat because it’s scaring her friend.

Gods wrath is like the parent who tells the child not to run across the road without looking because they love the child and they don’t want to lose the child in a car accident.

Gods wrath is like the state killing a mass murderer to protect the rest of civilisation.

Gods wrath is love. Undiluted, violent, focused, love.

It’s good.


We have chinks in our armour. (next post)



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