The blue print the map

Every good house has a blueprint. Before the builders even begin. A solid, determined shape is planned.

As the house is built, problems arise and the master builder must improvise and rewrite the plans. But, if he’s a
good builder, the  will end up being just as solid as planned. The builder needs a blueprint, skills, leadership and a sense of
responsibility to pull it off.

Then, when the building is complete, they design the inside.

The kingdom of heaven is like a building. With a blue print, and a plan. A really good one.
The kingdom of heaven is also like a group of map makers. They draw maps of where we plan to go, maps for those who are coming after us who have never been there before.

We draw our own new maps off the maps of others. Planned and created.

Co creators.

Jesus, the greatest map maker, asks us to draw maps with our lives off the perfect blue print he has drawn with his blood.

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