A bridge and a cape.

Yesterday we helped build a bridge.

we collected rocks and busted them into smaller ones.

We helped carry cement. Chatted to the locals, laughed, drank good tea, carried more rocks, and watched as a whole community of dudes helped each other build a bridge that would enable them to drive, to get the rubbish collected, that would improve trade and look awesome.

They built a tent for it when it started raining. The men who knew what they were doing took charge at some points but at other points everyone just did bits and pieces.

We met a man from Uganda – a black malae, who has moved here, and his smile reminded me of some good times in a great country.

We played soccer, and saw one of the greatest sun sets i have ever seen as the rain began bucketing down minutes after we finished cover the road. Then this morning we got the honour of walking over it and as we did, the sweetest thing floated to my ears, in almost perfect english one of the dudes we spent yesterday with said “seven dollars??… why??”

I cracked up laughing.

Then as the rain fell. i was presented with a cape, and honoured among some long time staff with YWAM Timor Leste, because all of us were going home. I am lucky to be amongst such powerful, loving people, in a strange group of strange people slowly changing the world.

I also giggled a lot last night because Alex Boyer is the best.

The kingdom of heaven is a lot of people telling a lot of great stories with their lives and giggling about some of them in the night time.


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