Adventure is installed into us before we are born.

When humanity gets bored, we do stupid things. When we are not entertained, or engaged in a journey, or given ownership over something, our inbuilt creativity kicks in and finds adrenalin and reason in ANYTHING at all. We like belonging. We like movements, we like clubs. Men especially. As children, we love being heroes, fighting the bad guys and rescuing the maidens.

I used to live next door to a guy called Sam. He had one of the greatest imaginations I’ve ever experienced. We created ninja worlds in which we would run and fight large groups of evil ninjas. We would play computer games of a similar story line, and then, when I went home, I would wrestle pillows on our trampoline. I would make up year long story lines of rivalries and competitions. In hindsight, it’s kind of fascinating. But as we grow up, we are told to settle down, get secure jobs and stop going on adventures.

Personally in the midst of that ideal, I would find a way to use my creativity to quietly rebel against that system. Ultimately it wasn’t all that creative or new, but, rebellion turned to not sleeping, going out as much as possible, playing first person adventure games on my computer and watching other people’s lives on the television.

We have been blessed to be a blessing. We have been given the tools to be able to go on adventures to improve our world. Like the hobbit, I sometimes think that I’m not skilled enough for an epic adventure, that I’m not ready to change the world.

But… I packed my bags.


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