Sitting next to the president.

Yesterday I sat with some young people and asked my normal questions.
“What do you like doing?”
“What do you want to do with your life?”

and I am responded to by the good old “WHAAAAT?” face.
that face only a 15 year old could give you.
As if to say “I have never been asked that question, i have never thought about that being a reality”
and it always shocks me. Because i asked my self that question hundreds of times, mainly after the question “why do i have to go to school and learn all this pointless stuff?”

One of them actually answered the question. He said he wanted to study law.
A 14 year old.
With plans.
To study law.

So i instantly asked – ‘To become the president?’.

Twenty one years, to learn, experience, travel, adventure, with the intent that at the end of it you will attempt to lead your country into better times. WHy not?

And i even found out this week, its highly probable that you could do most of your law degree, and possibly an economics/ political science degree online, whilst being on adventure. A child could learn from different cultures, different religions, different political structures, whilst learning structured home culture guidelines on their Ipad.

I instantly wanted to be 14 again. To start over. To begin my learning revolution when i was 7 instead of 25. I would have left school at 12, after learning to read and write pretty good, or even earlier. How long does it take to learn to read? Not too long. and then get some degrees and not learn any more maths, unless i needed to. Learn no more sport (cause i already knew how to play hockey and soccer – the “world game”), write no more carbon copied pointless essays, only read the books i will actually get anything from. and hey presto – president. right?

In my humbly single childless opinion, our children are getting the short end of a twig when we continue to bring them up in broken, single parent families, or uninterested double income families, but as a society we are doing them a large disservice when we educate them for a world, a job market, an economy that doesn’t exist any more. We dishonour our own legacies by putting up with political systems that congregate around quick riches, ignoring the long term poverty that sees education, morality and innovation suffer and die.

But where to start?

Ask God where you are supposed to be? Because I imagine less of us are supposed to be stuck at a desk all day, and more of us are supposed to be engaging and influencing communities and spheres of thought with Godly wisdom and biblical worldview.

I’m sitting nest to the future president of America…. what are you doing?

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