Chinks in the armour.

If our enemy seeks to destroy us, he will find the chinks and holes in our armour and focus all of his effort, all of his slashes and stabs, all of his fiery arrows at that one spot. Our enemy is not creative. Our enemy is not all-powerful. But if we refuse to protect those chinks, to defend those vulnerable parts, we are just as uncreative and stupid as he.

Say I have a weakness for cake. (Be it, theft, lust, violence, alcohol, lies, defamation, gossip)

But I just REALLY love cake.

I think about cake all the time, I draw pictures of cake. I enjoy even being in the presence of cake, it comforts me, it gives me a rush. Then the chink in my armour needs to be repaired, or protected from our attacker. Because now we have an addiction, an unwise relationship, with, cake. And some of these things aren’t bad in themselves, it’s just an unsafe excessive reliance on…. cake.

So, one could take off our armour completely and put it in the shop for repair. God is a God of full redemption and healing, and we have to let him fully repair us. Go deep into the recesses of experiential wounding. Not mere patching. Because patching can do more damage than not.

But we are more likely to patch the chink. Because it seems easier and less painful. We get to keep our armour on, and just cover the vulnerable spot with another piece of metal, instead of taking the thing off and being vulnerable for a time.

What have you been patching?
What parts of your armour does God want to take completely off to repair, and heal?

Let him. He is the greatest blacksmith even known.

We already live in Hell <- next post

6 thoughts on “Chinks in the armour.

    1. I think if our knowledge and relationship with God (big g) is right and intimate then no. Because our love of God will spew out in our love of people and our right stewardship of life, time, earth, stuff. But if we have created our own god (little g) then yes, it can be SOO MUCH cake. because it is usually pride or insecurity or wounding that gets us to make our own god (little g). its not just rebellious error that is cake, its also self depreciating rejection that is cake. we can find security in insecurity. does that answer your question?

    1. Agreed, but it also depends on where you are looking. I get to see God do crazy things most days of my life because I’m regularly put in situations that have to see him do something or they will fail. Its awkward but incredible. But I also get to see a tonne of god where i should see more God.

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