The train tracks.

Train tracks are laid so that trains go a certain way. At speed. Usually carrying large weights. You can sit at the local train station and watch trains with almost a hundred carriages all holding tonnes of coal each, heading for the ocean. A destination. An obvious purpose.
If a train could ever jump its tracks, everything would go wrong. It’s wheels warped, it’s axles mangled, it’s carriages broken, it would come to a quick halt, in a part of the world it wasn’t designed for.

Humans are like this. We were built with tracks, truths, paths, destinations, identities and unique specifics that we could travel at speed along until we reach the sweet “ocean” with our “coal”. But most of us never make it to the ocean. Most of us don’t even keep our coal. We lose it. Find ways to break out of our tracks under the guise of “freedom”. And whilst doing so we destroy our entire make up. The reason we exist.

If you have stopped. Get back on the tracks.
If you have lost your cargo, find it, or return to the mine to get some more.
Train tracks are the only place that trains find freedom.


9 thoughts on “The train tracks.

  1. Very Interesting. I fell a long way from my tracks a long time ago, but I think I’m on the way to finding them again 🙂

      1. I couldn’t handle life. I’d lost faith – my cargo perhaps – and used a crutch to cope, which became an addiction.
        Are you on the tracks in your life?

      2. Yes. After much off track adventuring that ruined my wheels and lost my cargo and the train driver was shot. I got back on my rails. And I still have moments of taking a wrong turn but on the whole it’s always on tracks. Just the wrong ones for a moment. How are you getting back on yours?

      3. Good you got back on the rails. So many don’t. I use a combination of 2 spiritual programs, one is buddhism – I also use a third way still, which is my way! Likewise, I still stray from the rails occasionally, but I’m mostly on track today.

      4. I have a strange and hilarious friendship with the God of the Israelites. And I live in an incredibly innovative community. Which is pretty great.

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