God is REALLY good at Mario Kart

Sitting and watching two kids play Mario Kart. One was going completely the wrong way and constantly driving into the water. The other was in second last place, but at least he was going in the right direction. The race went for almost four times as long as it should have with no real chance of competing for anything. There was theatrical oversteering, and confused questioning to whether they should play this track ever again.

This is an echo of God watching us. In life, we are playing a game that Jesus has played, and he came in first place, very far in front of anyone else. In life we play a game that has rules and a direction that we can follow, If we don’t play very well we can end up in the icy waters or driving straight into a penguin. And similar to me watching Mario Kart, I think, God sometimes wants to take over the controller and win the game for us. Because he could. God is the BEST Mario Kart player. He knows how to take corners at speed, he knows all the short cuts, he knows whats in each mystery box.

But we sit playing “Mario Kart” life, thinking.

“PFFFF, what does the Lord of heavens armies know about REAL life?”

God has chosen not to take the controller. He has chosen to let us choose. And even when we choose to give him the controller of our lives, He stills asks us to hold on and push some of the buttons.

He sits down and envelops us in his big arms, we sit in his lap and hold the controller with him. One of our hands is completely covered with one of his warm and powerful hands. The other is helping him push the B button.

God doesn’t want to take our lives away from us, to turn us into robots. He wants to help us win Mario Kart, break all the records and impress all our friends.

Where can we run to? (Next post)


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