Creative Composed Camera-people

Playing in a myriad of bands – styles, make ups, personalities, goals etc etc – allows you see different facets of people. Different insecurities come to the surface as you take to a stage in front of people, or create whilst your friends and heroes are watching. As we learn our instruments and craft everything better we aren’t perfect. There’s always that moment of stark reality… ‘I’m showing someone something emotionally raw… what will they say’ And I thought i had seen it all… or at least most.

Yesterday four of us sat down surrounded by 5 cameras, five of our closest friends and a skype in. We were amazingly well lit, surrounded by smoke machine mist and plugged into a recording interface that holds more history for me than most electrical products.

This was the essence of what I love about creating in community. Songs that had been written by men I respect and look up to, who had invited me and another friend to play drums and bass with them. Songs I love to play. Songs I love to listen to.

Directing the video was a creative genius, who creates so fully out of relationship and encouragement that everyone that works alongside him would probably work for free, and drop most of what they were doing at the time just to be involved in the creation of something with him. He gathered four camera people, set them specific jobs, led them through what it would look like, lit the whole thing beautifully and patiently quieted the excited band to start.

We shot two takes and we were finished. The audio was mixed and the video began to be edited and we all retired to the other parts of our lives. But for that short 3-hour block of time, almost ten people, with completely different skill sets and backgrounds, gave their time and creative capital to a common project. The worship of a liberating God through well-written music and well-shot video footage.

I love my life.

P.S – the band is called followed by feasts. They are amazing. Here is the project


<p><a href=”″>Flatline – Followed By Feasts (LIVE)</a> from <a href=””>Followed By Feasts</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

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