We are no Jesters

Do you ever feel like you’re a court jester in the throne room of God?

Like He doesn’t really like you.

He just has you jumping through hoops to laugh at you? And it’s not just Him.

His ENTIRE KINGDOM comes to just watch you tumble and fall and hurt yourself. You just keep failing and failing, and they keep laughing or even worse they ignore you. Every attempt at impressing them with your juggling and bells they give you no response. Alone in the middle of the stage of life, you just want to run. Away from the king, away from his people, away from the deep down sense that you are worth nothing, and its all your fault.

You wanna know what the truth is?

The king actually came off his throne. He stepped down on to your stage with you. He took your jester hat and sceptre and took all of humanities laughter on himself. He gave you brand new clean clothes of your own, took your hands in his, and led you around in a dance. A dance that made the room go silent except for the quiet sobs at such beautiful love. At the end of the dance the king kissed you lovingly on the forehead and whispered

‘I made you perfectly unique, there is nothing wrong with you, you are my favourite, my child.’

We don’t impress God with what we do. He’s already deemed us fully adopted favourites. We aren’t his play thing, we are his partner in battle.

We aren’t laughed at, we are celebrated as victorious.

Because our king came off his throne, took death upon himself and saved us forever.

Take off your jester hat, put on your royal crown, and enter boldly into the throne room of grace


God Learns (next post)



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