The allure of a God we can control.

Take a piece of wood. Carve it into a shape. Put it in your house. Bow down to it. Talk to it. Give it food. Expect it to improve your life. The wood hasn’t transformed into anything. It hasn’t suddenly begun speaking. It doesn’t walk around, or catch you when you fall. It’s wood. You can set it on fire. You can chop it with an ax. You can use it as a boat. But it can’t, it will not, will never,

save you from anything.

Jesus, fully God, fully man. He was there at the beginning of time with the father, making everything. He knows you better than yourself. He knows the world better than you and itself. And Jesus asks you to follow him. Pretty simple. He doesn’t say to trail blaze, or create your own world.

He says follow me.

But we get frustrated, because instead of following, we want to tell Him what to do. We want to craft Him and mould Him. But we can’t mould Him. We don’t have the tools. Or the know how. Like a baby trying to give birth to a giant. We convince ourselves that God isn’t who He is.

Thus the allure of the God we can control. We don’t like being told what to do, even though, ultimately, it’s the better way because we have been CREATED, and He has not.

Get it through our thick heads everyone – GOD LOVES YOU. GOD LIVED FOR YOU. GOD DIED FOR YOU. GOD ROSE FOR YOU.

All you need to do is FOLLOW.


And then we get to watch Him work (next post)



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