Babies shouldn’t tell us what to do.

Sometimes I read the story of Abraham and when he takes his only child up the hill to stab him, theres a sense of injustice that rises up inside me.
‘How can God ask him to do that? What is he a schitzo? Murder isn’t in Gods character… Hes telling him to do something non-countercultural… What will his wife think?’ etc etc. all these thoughts, that discount Gods character completely.

If a baby tells me to jump off a cliff, I will never in my right mind obey the baby. Even if a baby tells me to eat some nice food, I’m not going to obey the baby. I may eat the nice food, but I’m not taking advice or command from a baby, because its a baby.

But if God tells me to jump off a cliff, or kill my only son, my son of promise, WHO is asking me to do that? What is the heart, the character, the intent of the one asking me?

If God entertained himself by randomly killing people, you may hesitate if he asked you to jump. – “Woah, hang on, am I going to plummet to my death?” But Gods heart is one of love, one of selfless blessing, one of creation, one of relationship with humanity. If God did in fact ask me to jump off a cliff – he either, has an airbag at the bottom for me, will enable me to fly in that moment, send angels OR I plummet to my death. But in that plummeting, God has a plan. In that plummeting, in my death, there is good. Because God is good. God plans well. God is sovereignly king of all things.

So, when God asks Abraham to kill his son, firstly was Abraham hearing God or was he schizophrenic? Abraham had faith, that he was hearing God. As soon as that is concluded, he obeys. Secondly, did good come of it? Yes. SOOO much good came of it. Abraham’s faith soared. The pathway to Christ’s death on the cross for humanity was paved. That same mountain, different father and son.

Babies shouldn’t tell us what to do. But we seem to enjoy letting babies tell us, what we should do with our lives. Our parents, compared to Gods wisdom, are babies. Our universities and jobs, our society, are usually selfish babies, telling us what to do for their own gain. Our internal, broken, monologue, also likes telling us what to do – but we are also babies. Evil also exists. And of all the babies in our experience – Satan is the biggest baby of them all. When he wasn’t allowed to be God, he cracked a hissy fit, influenced a large amount of the population of heaven to follow him to destruction, and still tantrums and poops the bed to get our attention.

Stop letting babies run your life. Trust God, because he’s trustable. Hear his voice, and Do. Its sometimes hard, it often makes no sense, but God provides and rescues us.

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