You look like an idiot

Our words are more powerful then we give them credit.

I have heard the following in my life – You look like a:
Viking, Old man, Ronald macdonald, girl, lady, homo, drug addict, drug dealer, thief, bogan, idiot, sick, tired, dying, boy, child, hobo, dad, christmas present, rock star, scotsman, bushranger etc etc.

Words can make us feel like a million dollars, but some words hit tender spots in us and tear us to the ground.

For many years, i grew my hair out, and there were times where i looked like a girl. i didn’t have a mean beard back then, so once i got up onstage with my two girl cousins to say nice things about my nana at her funeral, and as i got off stage the priest said “thank you to the grand daughters” – on the bag of being called and girl and a few other names at school, that kinda hurt. It was a tender spot.

I also went through years of not showering, not washing my hair, not sleeping all that much and I began looking like i was stoned a lot of the time. I had never touched drugs. I was kinda proud that I hadn’t. So i felt almost a large sense of injustice, that i would be labelled as such.

But with me, some words I have over thought, and so when people say them with a friendly colouring, I still take them as an insult because of the connotations my over-thinking have concluded.

Movie characters. I have been compared to many movie stars. From Mackualy Calkin in the 90’s, to Zach Gilifinakis in the late 2000s. To the ice wizard and the dog in adventure time. I was quite ok with Calkin, because although he was occasionally annoying in his movies, he was overly cute, and people liked that in him. Zach on the other hand, in my opinion, in his movies, is largely a fat stupid “funny” guy who is on the whole not all that funny. So is that what people are saying about me? That i’m fat and dumb? Or even yesterday, theres a character in the movie tangled who is old and creepy (their words not mine) So coming out of the movie, it was commented “woah, we decided that you are like the creepy old guy from tangled.”

Some other parts of the power of our words – Stupidity. I, as well as many of my generation, seem to have been brought up in an education system that is amazing at telling most of their students they are stupid. Because these children don’t fit in a certain box of “intelligence” they are labelled stupid and sometimes carry such a label for the rest of their lives.

Ugly – a lot of girls and boys are told that they are ugly (fat, hairy, weird, too black, too white, boring etc) and because once again, they don’t fit into a tiny box of “beauty” they carry around for the rest of their lives – I am ugly. Which is usually responded to with a whole swathe of unhealthy attempts to get “beautiful” to be something they are not.

what is my point?

Words have more power then we realise. We have influence and power over each other in what and how we label each other.

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