Does God like you

He had to be at least 55, maybe even 65. Sitting next to him was his rather small oriental wife. She didn’t say much. Without really asking what was thought about before he entered the room, he launched into a pre-prepared rant, pamphlets included and thus began a one hour conversation, that didn’t seem to go in a helpful direction. It went in and out of impressive life stories, scriptural backing for conclusions on a large range of subjects that got no closer to its conclusive target. And one man just sat and listened politely.

Some voices raised, some excuses were made, some tangents were journeyed on and still, one party had no clue what the other party thought, because no questions were asked. Fingers were pointed, stories were told a second and a third time and I began to smile and God began to speak.

This man, had spent most of his life, trying to prove to a God that he didn’t really know, that he was worthy of being allowed into the kingdom of heaven. He had a salesman-like pitch, which seemed to have worked all over the world. He had his own story of liberation that fuelled him forward. But, he didn’t know who God was, and he didn’t know what God thought of him.

I felt God whisper – ‘Ask him if he thinks I like HIM’. Everything instantly made sense. So i waited and watched. The more he talked, the more the stress on his face, the inability to listen, the intensity of his pitch made sense. He doesn’t know who he is.

I waited for my moment and asked if i could ask two questions.

“does God like you?”

He was stunned. His wife turned around stunned as well. As if i had just asked them something shocking. He began to stammer and give me a generic answer about how God loves everyone, and he made the birds and etc etc and I stopped him and asked again.

Does God like you?

Shocked face again. What did I mean? Who was I to ask such a question. Another stammered awkward response.

I started to talk about how he kept mentioning what he had done, what others had done, but did he realise that God enjoyed his company. I started a mini rant on his specific and unique role in Gods heart and then awkwardly they had to leave.

God gave me another question to ask them – What does God like about you specifically. But we had no time, for he had to leave.

We build whole lives on our ability to impress God with how good we can be for 2 hours a day, and then we convince ourselves for the rest of the day God hates us and we are dirty sinners.

But God loves you. He enjoys you, He delights in you. His adoption through Jesus is complete and we are made blameless and pure by the blood of his son.

So shut up and let God love you.

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