I do as my father does.

Its cool when you have revelation of family resemblance. I listen to people and tell stories and see good in people just like my Dad. My Dad lets people into his house and then makes them super comfortable and then starts pouring out these wise stories that make you want to live life better, make you want to go on adventure. He says little one liners that make you think for a while.

I do that. Because he does it.

My brother rang me today and talked about his counselling that he has begun doing with people. He talked about seeing something in one of this clients and simply speaking it out loud and letting them hear who they are from a different person outside their head.

I do that. Because he has always done that.

Seconds into visiting my parents house I am enveloped by both of my parents arms, i feel safe I feel wonderful.

I attempt doing these things because they do it.

I love my family.



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