When our kids play on Satan’s team.

Grand theft Auto. A game with a name that means – “Car stealing at a large scale”. The player takes a human through different stages of thievery, murder, larceny, torture, destruction of public property, making a mockery of the justice system, drug dealing, pimping, etc etc and through out the different versions of the game, it has gotten more frank in its depiction of the darker side of society, mixed in with a heightened sense of celebration and victory when said depravity is completed.

“The enemy comes to kill, steal and destroy”…. and lie, and devalue, and change our truth, and start conflict. #satan

As our children spend hours and hours killing, stealing and destroying human-like figures in a game recreated on familiar looking city streets, what is it training their minds and hearts to think and feel? Is there a better way to build strong societies?

I don’t know the scientific effects. I haven’t watched anyone go through a complete change into a monster, but i know from personal experience how much of an escape from reality some of these games can become. How easy insomnia becomes, how easy these games become a gateway to substance, temper, porn and food addictions. And none of these things are Gods highest.

Some good things about these games: – Learning problem solving, communal involvement around a single game, fueled by competition that can teach us our strengths, our weaknesses and team work.

But these good things should and can be taught through much greater means then a gun-toting criminal creating chronic mayhem on city streets.

Could these kinds of games be apart of a society wide, general callousing of the heart. Watching so much violence and sex in films, then playing the character of these trigger happy men and women, ripping through bits of zombie flying at the screen – death does things to us. Violence does things to our hearts and minds, and if its subtle, general callousing of emotions or “de-sensitizing” of what we feel, what does that do for social interactions, what does that do to real life mourning when a loved one passes away.

I remember my Nana dying, and not really knowing what was expected of me. I didn’t feel anything. I have been to multiple funerals of the same. Numb blankness.

Some of the arguments FOR these games are that they let angry people let out their anger in nice way, or that the manliness of these games teaches young men how to treat women better. Anger is an emotion that needs to be listened too, not out poured on others. Anger is a sign that something is wrong and it needs to be fixed. and not by shooting 50 bullets into a scantily clad prostitute, which will mostly teach boys that women are less valuable more then it will teach them to treat them with respect.

I think i could go on. The subtlety of these games, even the ways it will softly pull family closeness apart. If these games effect our hearts AT ALL, why play them? God has called us to a sweet hearted, selfless love. To not give the devil even a foot hold.

What is a foot hold if its not a game that you play the job of thief and destroyer?


5 thoughts on “When our kids play on Satan’s team.

  1. Reblogged this on John Dahdah and commented:
    Really well articulated!

    GTA is a game that I am seeing people who are youth influencers promoting with the most enthusiasm on social medias (such as Facebook or twitter) as if they don’t actually know the deeper affect this game will cause for youth.

    This game may seem fun and the people selling it and promoting it will honey their words to make it most appealing… but at the core, this game is like feeding starving children drugs rather than fruit.

    GTA will add to the current problems that our youth are trying desperately to get out of and we need people who know the negative effects of this game to explain to youth why this game will destroy their minds and we need to do it out of love not of condemnation.

    What are your thoughts?

  2. I could go on and on about how ridiculous your argument is, but I’ll just sum all of your fears up with this…

    God doesn’t exist.

    Video games are no different to films. They reflect life and reality. If that doesn’t fly with your imaginary world ruled by a floating invisible overlord with a shiny white beard, so be it.

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