Hearts that should be defended.

Ok, this word picture may not work but bear with me.

Imagine a jug. This jug is made to both contain liquid and also dispense liquid. If its dry, its not doing its job, if its closed and unable to dispense the liquid inside, it is also not doing its job.

When a jug has dispensed all of its liquid, to continue dispensing, it must be filled up. To dispense liquid out of a closed jug, the jug must be opened. But a jug that is being filled and dispensing fluids to others, is blessing and completing its purposes.

Now, take a human heart. Human hearts are designed to pump blood around the body, but hearts are also where we attribute feelings, emotions, passions and hurts. A healthy heart looks like the jug that dispenses. Our hearts were designed for loving and being loved. So lets say you pour out some liquid and the receiver chucks it back in our face. And lets say this happens every time we dispense, sometimes we will begin to think its not worth dispensing, I’ll just keep the liquid for myself. Which sours in us, which keeps liquid from others, which isn’t why we were made.

If we dispense liquid at such a rate without being refilled, we become try, and sometimes crack, or are forgotten about, to dispense we need to be filled.

If we love, if we pour out to others, being vulnerable, sacrificing parts of ourself, and it isn’t received, or its tampered with, or deceived, or destroyed even – our hearts feel it. When hearts are broken, or loved ones die, or insults are thrown, or lies are told – our hearts feel it, they are effected. This can be dealt with by – not loving any more, only loving a little bit, only loving certain ones, not allowing ourselves to be loved, and over time we get angry, bitter, lonely, hard hearted, broken, hurt. Or it can be dealt with by being filled, by being loved, by being told of our value.

Hearts are meant to be soft. If hearts are hard, its harder to get things into hearts, its harder to fill them up. Hearts are supposed to be strong and solid, because hearts are supposed to contain important things. Feelings are amazing, they are a guide to certain truths. But if our hearts a weak, then we go to pieces, we forget, we can’t handle it. etc etc.

Jugs, are usually made for certain liquids. Most jugs aren’t designed for molten lava, or heavy metals. Our hearts are designed to hold certain things as well. When close ones die and we feel it and we are mourning, it hurts, it is more then hearts were designed for. Hearts weren’t made to break. BUT, they have the capacity to heal, but an unhealed heart, trying to act like a healed heart, does even more damage.

So what damages our hearts?

What needs to be healed in our hearts?

What makes our hearts healthy?


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