Our Authority: Thailand

Guest blog by Jocelyn (http://jocylorraine.wordpress.com)

Jesus has given His sons and daughters a really big responsibility with this thing called Authority. When Jesus sent us His holy spirit he not only put Gods Living spirit inside of us, he has commanded us to go out into all the world and heal the sick set the demonic free and preach the good news.

This last month I was blessed enough to go to Thailand.
One thing that Jesus really taught me while I was there was the authority that I carry inside of me and how to use it.
The living God who is moving and breathing lives inside of His children. I was hit one night with this revelation and that  has changed the way I live.
In Thailand one of the ministries was to go out into the city and do evangelism. We would go out and tell people the good news of Jesus and how harmony with their Creator is possible. Little did I know what the Lord had planned that day. My teammate and I were walking around a park asking God who we should talk to. We both heard God to go and talk to this woman who was sitting alone and after talking with her for a few minutes we both knew that she was involved with alot of witchcraft and demonic stuff. She let satan take over her life without allowing God be her Lord.
We started praying for this woman in the park and doing what only we could do; pray against darkness, shed the light of Jesus on her life and rebuke the enemy. Now after about three hours of this and hearing God on what to do things started changing, the look on her face, she started actually speaking and reading this gospel track out loud that we gave her. It was a night where we saw Gods glory revealed. This woman heard the gospel and God changed her heart in an instant. She gave her life to Jesus and went through a time of repenting and forgiving people who truly hurt her.
This was a testimony to her and me that we as followers of Jesus who hold the holy spirit in us have so much athority.
In John 14:12 Jesus tells his disciples that they will do greater things than He did. That is a great privelage. Sit in that truth and realize that when Jesus gives you authority to further His kingdom you have a role to play.
Go out and walk in the authority that Jesus gives you over satan. When the enemy hears Jesus’ name he shrinks down into the rightful spot that he deserves. We have a power and living God inside of us that conquers over all of darkness.

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