Stumbling Blindly Through

Improvisation is the art of being able to make something out of your collective experience in the face of direct or indirect stimulus for a certain outcome. Sometimes we improvise in a jazz band to create something beautiful with a set group of people in a set space for a set audience. Sometimes we improvise on stage to make people laugh or tell a story in a new way. sometimes we improvise when we have to make decisions because of a part of life we have never met before.

I imagine, that when i have children im going to have to improvise a lot. I have played with babies, i have done youth work, but its going to be different when its your kid. Im going to take them to parks and not know what to do with them.

improvising is not usually fake it till you make it tho. Currently, i draw on 28 years of experience with friendships, learning, leading, reacting to thousands of influences. So when i get to a place that i am clueless in, i will usually end up making an amazing decision, because i have been trained to think and problem solve pretty well.

Others, as I understand it, havent been given that kind of basis for decision making. Today I met a boy wh,o when asked whens he going back to school replied “I got kicked out of school, i just gave the teachers too much of a hard time and got suspended too many times…. and i just got out of jail for breaking and entering, so im trying to stop that, and im trying to get back into school” Heres a boy, in a town of similar boys, who when given the opporunity to steal, seem not to have the choice to not steal. We are warned to not leave any nice things around because to your face, they are sweet and soft and friendly, but their eye are roaming for things to take.

These ones are improvising off their own experience – ‘some things you will only get if you steal them.’ Which means, when they come up to new experiences, their reactions are going to be different to mine. The path they will take because of the knowledge in the background will be way off to the left or right from the one I will take. My path is defs not dead straight to where God wants me, but most of the time I will be closer.

Last night we stood watching a group of young people and I messaged Brock “These children just need an alternative to show them how to not suck at life.” – But how do we swap stories and train kids to live better lives.

Sometimes even using that phrase “better lives” makes me feel arrogant, makes me feel like I feel like I’m better then them. But I was reminded almost instantly by another friend luke – ‘Its not you, its Jesus. Everyone can always have a better life with Jesus’ #somuchtruth

We don’t have to stumble through and improvise. We have the illuminating love and wisdom of our eternal father who adopted us into His family through the death of his son. – pauline salvation

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