Pauline Salvation


I have never clearly communicated the gospel to a single person and walked away thinking I did enough, until yesterday. Like i’ve communicated it on a stage and through blogs to hundreds of people at a time, but never face to face with another human, to the extent i wanted.

I took Dean up the end of the pool where no one was, and within two seconds of sitting to chat privately for a moment this young guy came up and started talking about back flips. So i told him to try one, and in he went. Another young guy was watching and i asked if he could do so as well, and he said no because he would crack his head open.

So, we then somehow began a discussion on good and evil. I asked him if he believed in good and evil. He did. I asked about what he thought was good and evil. I would ask him something like – “food” and then he would say good or evil. We hit some interesting patches like ‘knives’. They can be used for good and evil. Cake, of course was only good. Lying was evil etc etc. And we painted quite a black and white picture of how this guy saw the world. He reported on having quite a solid knowledge of good and evil. Then he walked away for a moment, and then turned back,

‘Are you a christian?’ – he asked. I assured him i was. ‘Whats it like to be a christian?’ – His second question took me a little by surprise, because you don’t always get asked such an honest question because most people already have a preconceived notion of what being a christian is.

I began by talking about freedom, i spoke of joy and knowing i’m loved. I asked him if he had ever felt lonely, or sad and then went onto to tell my story about the baseball cap used as a fry pan. He understood that better then most, and i went on to talk about how we have been designed for freedom and love, but have burned our baseball cap. The look on his face was a mixture of curious excitement and confusion. He had to go. and the next day he would be going back to his home town in Roma.

But i felt like i have planted and watered a seed, and soon, someone would harvest an incredibly influential and powerful mans life for the lord. – city

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