We never feared anything.

Recently I sat next to an older lady and talked about her life and her family, and what had changed since she moved for the first time in 56 years. I ask her if Melbourne had changed much through the years and she answered me in a way i was not expecting.

She started weaving these pictures of what Melbourne was like.

‘We never closed our windows or locked our doors, you never felt scared of anything. We could lay out on our front lawns and watch the stars till we fell asleep with not a worry in the world. We we never scared.’

She continued on to talk about how now she is always scared, and the new city she lives in is even worse.

It got me thinking. Before my guitar was stolen out of my car one night, i trusted the suburb i lived in. I was free to leave things in the back yard, to leave my car open, or to walk through the dark back streets at 3am in the morning, knowing that the weird shape in the distance was just a tree or a swing set.

Later I double checked all doors, I second guessed every twig snap, every wind blowing. I crossed the street to avoid walking past people. And it imprisoned me in a world of false reality.

Now yes, there is wisdom. There is a reality of evil. But do we really want to sacrifice freedom and trust for a 99% deception that no one can be trusted and everyone is going to steal from us?

Trust breeds trust. Honesty breeds vulnerability.

Just imagine if we never feared anything.


 The father likes us (next post click here)



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