I hate black people. They smell really weird. and they like chicken too much. White people are the best, better then the jews. The jews are the worst. So are asians. And Beaners. East europeans…. no comment. Their dead to me. AAAAND if i EVER SEE AN ISLANDER AGAIN……. well thats why i own a gun.

Where does prejudice start?

I grew up with a multicultural best friends group, but popular culture can still influence how i see different colours, names, behaviours, beliefs etc etc.

And if i have come to the conclusion that my culture is better, then, when I see other people, I must heal them of their wayward conclusions. I must give them the goodness of what I know. Because i know better… right?

1. Seek to understand. – In conversation we can be listening so that we know when we get to talk, or we can be listening to really hear, and know, and understand what the other person knows and thinks. Why do they do that like they do. Whats the back story to their conclusions.

2. seek to present the proof with reality. – How many times have minds been changed by you yelling at someone, or you being yelled at? But what of those heros that do things differently and they get your attention, and then you want to change because it makes so much more sense.

3. ‘I’ve just always done it that way’ – Prejudice can be built into the soil of our youth, and as we grow into adult oaks, our fruit is produced with our soils influence. Countless generations can conclude the same thing purely because their Dad did. This is multiplied and multiplied through communal agreement – christmas times built around laughter and good times directly related to a common conclusion that certain people are just weak or less valuable.

We don’t have to do something because we’ve been told.

We don’t have to be right all the time.

We don’t have to force people to believe.

But truth exists. Truth is real. and truth, when adhered to, changes everything.

Why is prejudice so destructive?

– If every single person is worth dying for on a cross, then the colour of their skin doesn’t matter.

– If every single person has a piece of Gods love and a perspective that will help the rest of us worship…. difference… is great.

Racism is of the devil. Oppression is a fruit of a misunderstanding of what God meant when he said – ‘Have dominion’, we weren’t called to multiply the fruit of enslavement. We were given the responsibility to have dominion of Satan and his armies, and be fruitful and multiply life, love, grace, peace and truth.


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