Ideas. People. Change.

I sit here, and in my hands I have all the wisdom of the world in my pocket. With my phone, I can bake a cake, start a business, fix a car, learn a language, get a degree, start a political campaign…. And I know this because I am connected and I have seen it done or done it myself.

Two years ago I sat in a room of students. Everyone I spoke to was studying finance or business or economics and we got on to the subject of what happens after graduation. In a country of 90 million, and most are studying money, the jobs get sparse. So these three last year students were freaking out a little and talking about leaving the country.

I began talking about ideas. Ideas are free. Ideas are easy to come by. Ideas have been done before in other places that could be brought to Vietnam and sold at a profit. We began discussing how one person can change the world. They disagreed, no, one person could not change the world.

I told story after story of individuals who had incited communities to rise up and change the world and all of them rode off the back of great ideas.

What is your idea? What is the idea that you have been given that will change a family, a suburb, a city or a whole nation?

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