He was one of those people i instantly liked. Cheeky but caring smile. A voice that made for laughing and sharing insight. We stood together while he handed out pamphlets and got talking. We ended up talking a lot and sat down after awhile and completely forgot about the leaflets.

He had an amazingly large heart. Currently managing a send hand store that gave all its profits to poor people, we began talking about the power of one persons life. He wasn’t convinced of his own worth. But we continued and out of nowhere I just asked him “Why do you exist” – I was almost expecting the same old – UNI and MONEY routine. But he so matter of factually looked me in the eyes and said “To look after orphans”

In a country of 90 million buddhist, capitalists, where most people I spoke to for two weeks answered they knew not what they wanted outside of money, here was a man who quoted Gods own mouth about why he was on the planet.

His name is Tommy. He will change the world. So pray for him.


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