Watching God Work

I am the third child of two really good parents/disciplers. My Dad is a high school teacher and an ex pastor/bible teacher. My mother has taught and discipled hundreds of people in spiritual truths inside and out of church and is quite amazing at it. Most of my life I have enjoyed teaching people a myriad of things. I like to help people think through off the wall ideas and how to learn more effectively. And I am able to do so. I’ve learned how to push the right buttons, ask the right questions and lead in certain ways so that people are given space to experiment and figure out specific things.

I have found that it is even funner, to let God do what God does best.


Those moments in life when something hard just makes a tonne of sense. Something you’re doing is just so wrong, and in that moment of conviction, it is isn’t shaming, it’s just black and white – I need to do something DIFFERENT.

I have been in situations where I step in and be that conviction for people. Through questions or sometimes blunt statements – people get the memo. Oh yeh…. that’s not the best way to behave etc. or those other situations that the hearer doesn’t get it, those times that I convince myself, it will be better to leave God to do it – so one gets on their knees to pray.

And then…. it happens.

The person will come to you and explain this wild experience of God speaking to them and them deciding not to…

      or to do more of..

            or to change an attitude.

Literally in the back of your mind you hear the angels singing “Hallelujah, hallelujah!!!!” It’s never an “I told you so” moment. It’s always a moment of awe. The who God loves us sooo much, that he wants us to live better lives, so he bluntly and lovingly convicts us in a moment and allows us to choose.

I love watching him work. I love working by watching him.

To put it simply, if we let God do his job, the world would be a lot better place. 

Judge. – Jesus is the final judge. We are not. Ever.

Comforter – The Holy spirit’s main job is comforter. Always. 24/7/366

Identity – God the father, has created and breathes and reminds us of who we are. And is quite God at it.

If we let the trinity brothers through the son, sort out who was good and who was bad, who is special, who is prettier. Then we wouldn’t have to.

If we let the holy spirit comfort us in our distress and sadness instead of attempting to do it ourselves through less than the best means. And let’s get serious, whats better than the creator of our souls at comforting our souls?

If we knew who we are because the one who made us tells us, instead of getting it from magazines you can tear, television you can unplug and broken people who only see in 3D, we would actually know who we are. There would be no confusion, no jealousy, no insecurity, no comparison –


Let him do it.


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