The giant apathetic…. The authentic, the justice.

Standing and staring into the soulless eyes of a statue three times my height, as it was surrounded by shaved headed women enticing me to take a nap on the rugs at the statues feet I began thinking new thoughts.

They think they can save themselves.

Buddhism has the idea in it, that this world is fake, a fantasy world. The reason we stay in it constantly, life after life is because of our desires. So to advance into reality, we need to rid ourselves of the baggage of wanting things. ‘Desire’ being the root of all evil.

So WE get rid of OUR desires and therefore attain paradise or “nothingness”.

We save ourselves. But how does one save itself when drowning in the middle of the ocean? Buddha never seemed to offer salvation, just guidance on how to find “reality”. Buddha was a prince who gave up his royalty to be amongst the people and prophesy that he wasn’t a saviour, a saviour would come with holes in his hands and a wound in his side (Jesus).

Buddhism preaches that our reality is fake. And it’s strange that almost nothing you buy in this area of the world is authentic. Fake beats, burnt movies, copied books, different prices for different skin colour, fake massage parlours, political systems marred by mysterious drunken power grabs. People you meet are either shy and fake or manipulatingly honest.

Of course there are many genuine and lovely people here, but a lot of the time authenticity is hidden in a pile of sex drugs and piracy that makes friendship hard.

We can’t save ourselves. We need a rescuer. When we try to rescue ourselves we usually get trapped more.

Authenticity breeds authenticity. Faux masks and misdirection breed injustice and theft.

Our lives need selfless love to break the powers of hopeless apathy.



 You are not the problem. <-Next post


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