We aren’t here to be “nice” to each other.

If I go shopping without a shopping list, especially book shops, I can take hours to get out of the store because I am constantly distracted by all the bells and whistles that a shop usually contains. I’ll walk in, vaguely knowing that I like books, I enjoy having books, and bookshop has books, so i must go there. As soon as I walk in and smell that smell…. I;m hooked. I want to be there forever. I want to read all of the books, right then and there. I pick up history books, fiction books, biographies, picture books and on the odd occasion i will pick up a cooking book or two. Sometimes after two hours in the store i leave empty handed and not think like it was a waste of an afternoon.

Life can sometimes be like Jeremy in a bookstore. We wake up, we mozey around our houses, our jobs, our lives…. and then leave them after 2 hours without accomplishing anything. This can go on for 50 years. Because, as Stephen Covey speaks of, ‘Starting with the goal in mind’ gets us places. But without goals, where do we run towards. How do we shape how we train. What shoes do we need to wear to get there?

I believe we are children of God saved by Jesus on a cross. That’s our reality. There’s no way we can get away from that reality… like gravity or oxygen, we can’t just “not”. Our lives are ‘saved’ when we believe in the reality of gravity – no cliff jumping. When we breathe in oxygen – it literally keeps us alive. Our lives are also ‘saved’ when we believe in the reality of Christs rescue. Thats the world we live in. So when we don’t believe in oxygen we stop breathing and our hearts shut down – DEATH. So when we start changing what we believe, our conclusions, the shape of the world we see with our own real eyes, we deviate from life. We deviate from the finish line, our feet begin to bleed because we forgot to wear the best shoes.

Our goal, I believe, is eternity with God. All redeemed. All saved. All home. And we have an enemy fighting against that goal… kind of like the Icelandic hockey team in mighty ducks, or the racist parents in Remember the Titans.

Our goal I believe is to align the humanity as close as we can to Gods intentions for the world, because He is reality, His intentions are redemptive, they are the best.

But then what is the best? Who gets to decide that best way to govern, to educate, to give birth, to compete, to buy and sell, to do justice???

And does one have to apologize for gravity? If a person knows that gravity is a thing and jumps off a cliff with no parachute and dies… do we apologize for gravity? No… we usually build a fence to stop more people from doing that.

Why do we build the fences? Because we understand that people are valuable because God died for us on a cross. And we also understand that sometimes our enemy mounts such a powerful offensive that he convinces some that they are not worthy, and they are only good for jumping.

Can you see how focusing on the goal might change how we live every moment?



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