Kingdom Tourists i: Jazzcore

What kind of music do you like? – I asked a generic kid.
I like most music, i like everything except rap and country – He or she answered.

I’m fascinated by music, why people love certain styles, and why people hate certain styles, and the common thread it seems, are the most culturally deep. Think of what someone who listens to pop music wears…. could be anything. Think about what someone who listens to “indie” wears…. once again could be anything. But think about what someone who listens to metal wears…. Black? What about hip hop? Theres a style there. and country music? A hat? a certain shirt and shoe combination.

This is all very broad and stereo typed…. but. Its funny. Hip hop and country music especially is surrounded by such a paintable culture. Filled with attitudes and passions that airbrushed, over produced “pop” music, wouldn’t know if it bit it in the face.

I was thinking today how musical taste is very similar to actual taste. When I was young I used to hate hommous. But now as a 28 year old I could eat it twice a day easily and enjoy it. My taste matured because of what I was introduced to and what i interacted with. I know people who eat everything with tomato sauce. I would argue their taste buds aren’t mature or wide ranging.

When I was young, I listened to a lot of Bon Jovi. Jovi is amazing, but he is very poppy, very fairy floss for the ears. My brother listened to punk, my sister listened to R and B, my Dad grew up in the sixties/ seventies rock explosion and my mother listened to Paul Simon and country music. My musical taste had a weird shock to the senses from very early on. I have gone through seasons of loving musical theatre from my Nana, Dido from my brother, Roxette and boney M from my mother. And I have favourite of course. My favourite album is still At The Drive Ins Relationship of Command, but my taste includes Kanye Wests back catalogue, Johnny Cash and Justin Timberlakes second album. And i think my life and my music is better off because my musical tastes are so wide ranging.

At one stage in my musical history I came to the conclusion that Jazz at its extents is quite unlistenable. When you listen to albums like Out to Lunch by Eric Dolphy it takes a little moment to click with its beauty, same with Captain Beefhearts entire career. But there is so much beauty in it all after you retrain your ears to hear. Its very similar with hardcore and metal. The faster you play, the lower you tune your instruments the harder it becomes to listen. So if you put those two extents together, you could invent Jazzcore.

I would suggest this to Jazz players and they would look at me like I had just escaped from the insane asylum. And anytime you suggest trumpets in hardcore everyone remembers the twice-decade attempts at reviving Ska-core. They laugh it off and walk away.

Our culture, our familiar, our conclusions paint the way we see other peoples conclusions and beliefs. It boxes us in to miss out on hommous and Kanye and walking up mountains and the freakiness of Jesus because we refuse to try the unknown. We get too comfortable knowing everything and being God that we forget that we are just reflections of God. That we are designed to be renewed, and be in the unknown all the time, but to be comfortable with that because we KNOW the maker.

A few things to bring it back to some semblance of relevance to my last post.
Remember the first time you saw the holy spirit do something out of the ordinary? and it was  little uncomfortable because you couldn’t control it or prove it with written word?

Imagine God creating things out of nothing…..

We miss out when we stand and refuse to be taught by someone who has experienced things we haven’t.
But more, we miss out on so much when we don’t go LOOKING for people who have experienced things we haven’t.
Sometimes church makes me sad because we have communal agreements to be a certain way and we fear change because we get soo happy with knowing what and when and how.

But did Jesus really set that as a standard for us?
Did his disciples experience that in their relationship with Him?

Kingdom Tourists are continually being challenged by new cultures, new cities, new people.

You wanna travel?


Creating in front of all. (next post)

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