Comfort and A pacifism that could destroy or build everything.

What if we were designed to only love? No other emotion. No fear, no hate, no judgement, no hurt, no offended, no awkward. Only warm hearted, complete, championing love.

Last night I watched a film about a college football team, in the first few minutes of film most of the team, coaching staff and support team went down in a plane crash, destroying not only the team but all families connected, and all of the football-committed city that surrounded the college.

A man from outside of the effected city decided he wanted to become their head football coach, and during that process he kept running up against all of this hurt and offense from the plane crash. The hurt drove some of these townsfolk to pass on further hurt to others. The initial accident went on to effect more and more people then just those directly connected.

This is how evil works. It echos through human experience out of vengeance, discomfort, fear, judgement.

We weren’t designed for these things. During the movie I kept thinking about if my parents died in the plane crash. I really couldn’t empathize, because I wasn’t designed for my parents to die yet. One day yeah, but not at 60. Any time I have been in shock, or heart break it hasn’t felt right. It has been uncomfortable because my heart wasn’t designed for brokeness. I have been designed for love and life.

So what if we never defended ourselves? What if we figured out the best ways to get comfort? What if we learned how to love and comfort others?

Theres a funny and true saying that has been blazoned on t-shirts since i can remember – s@#t happens. It is more true then most think. Evil exists. Crap tends to happen all of the time. To the nice and the unnice. To the rich and poor, the educated and dumb, the secure and the nervous. Evil strikes all the time. And if we were ready for it, there would less follow on. Less echos.

But then what is comfort? What does it look like to let offense pass us by?

I’m convinced, that the people who know how to comfort me the best, are the ones that made me or the ones I don’t have to talk much around. Comfort has to do with words occasionally, but it has a lot to do with being nearby. My parents house is one of the most comforting places on the planet. Followed closely by whatever room Luke, Justin or James are in. (as well as many others).

So, if we are created by God, and his presence brings peace and comfort, how do we get more of his presence? Or how do we become more aware of his presence? I think it has to do with our hearts. The softness of our essence. What hardens our hearts? Arrogance, vengeance, fear. The idea of pacifism has always fascinated me. Because if we are so soft hearted that we will take a punch with no revenge in our hearts, leaving God to be who he is – would the holy spirit not have our backs?

The one time my heart has broken by a woman, it amazed me how much it physically hurt. And all God said was “Let me hold you”. Thats the only thing that kept me form throwing in the towel.

God knows us. God wants to hold us. God is…..real. But for comfort to take hold we need to know him tangibly and not theoretically.

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