Jesus wants to make human jam for his eternal TOAST

I love jam. I love jam and peanut butter, i love jam and cream on scones. I love even the idea of jam. Loads of fruit with lots of sugar to preserve everything. I also love jerky. But if jerky tried to preserve itself… it wouldn’t work so well. If apricots tried to make themselves into jam, they couldn’t. Apricots don’t have arms. It’s only when a human comes along and chops and boils the apricots up that it all works.

Humans are similar. When we try to preserve ourselves it doesn’t work. When i try to defend myself from possible death by working out, eating healthy, doing all the right things… will that stave off death?? OF COURSE NOT. I will still die. It’s only when something outside of ourselves comes along and “preserves us” forever, that we can find a life in eternity.

Jesus died on a cross. Like making jam… Jesus makes jam with our lives. If we let him boil us, fill us with sugar and put us in the jars he sterilized, then we get some sweet eternity.



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