Hitch Hiking Eternity: Destination….

Yesterday i was dropped on the highway on a nice stretch of road. I had my book, i had a jumper, I had a 90km/h sign to lean on. And I settled in, not knowing how long it would take to get picked up. Not knowing who. It was a bit of a mystery. And i would look deeply into the windscreen of each car, not knowing what the driver looked like, but hoping that they would whip on their indicator and pick me up.

As I was walking home from getting dropped off in Manuka, I thought about how eternity is like hitchhiking sort of. There’s a destination. There’s a beginning. And there’s a journey. And some peoples journey is the conventional one.

“Well, I’m in the middle of nowhere in the bush, aaand I brought the car I own so when I’m ready to head home, i will”

Ownership. These people know all the ins and outs. They know who they are. They know where they are going and they got in that position on the back of their own hard work and determination. No one got them there. They did.

Then theres the less then conventional one.

“I’m out here in the bush and I am NEVER going home.”

– I empathize with this one, cause every time I go bush I appreciate its simplicity. Just me and nature. But I will run out of food, I will get lonely, and ultimately, i wasn’t made for just hanging out in the bush. The journey still exists, and by not going home I don’t get to go home.

There’s a few more, but I want to fast forward it to the hitch hiking.

“I know there’s a destination, I’m standing at the beginning, I wonder who will pick me up. I wonder if they will stab me. I wonder. etc etc.”

There is a ton of mystery in amongst a confident knowing that home will be arrived at.

As I stood there, some cars would approach and I really wanted them to pick me up. The sports cars, the new looking cars, the van full of people. And some cars I did not want to pick me up – the giant utes with strange things hanging off, the trucks, the caravans etc etc. But, did it really matter if it got me to my destination? So I would put my thumb out for everything even if I didn’t at first want to.

My point?

I feel like in life, the belief in a destination shapes how we live.

Like the hitch hiker, if we believe there is a destination, then we will get out on the road, or we will think ahead to bring a car. And our end goal also shapes how quickly we will attempt to get there, who we go with, what we will be wearing (I.E if our destination is an underwater city….)

If my destination is an eternal and beautiful city and I find worth in everyone, then I want to take everyone. If my destination is cloudy and unclear, then I’ll get picked up by anyone that is going in that direction even if they take me via Melbourne. (7 hours out of my way) But do delays matter?

And the last question, if our destination matters, does our transport to our destination even matter?



3 thoughts on “Hitch Hiking Eternity: Destination….

  1. Interesting points Jeremy 🙂 …Our transport matters, for sure. You cant drive from Tassie to Australia, because your transport is unsuitable; the cars we have don’t travel over the sea. So you catch a plane or go on the boat. The destination does, in some ways, determine your mode of transport. Delays don’t matter – unless you’re all about being in control. Delays shape a journey and add memories.

      1. Yeah man, it works. I’d agree, but I still hold to what I said. E.g., if you know where you’re going, such as Heaven, then you need to right “transport” to get you there, which as a follower of Jesus Christ I’d say is faith in Him etc. People who don’t believe in an eternal destination live differently to those who do. Their choices, attitudes and lifestyles say a lot.

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