Our God is NOT a book.

One of the best sermons I’ve ever heard a relation of mine speak, was also one of the last ones he preached.

He projected a picture of a rose on to a wall. It was an alright rose. But he made the point that an actual rose, the smell, the colour, the texture, the living plant…. was over and above MUCH better than the picture.

                                          The picture is 2D, unfeeling, smell-less.

I love the bible. I love the truths found in there. I love the stories. I love the characters.

But the Bible is NOTHING compared to the sweet love of God.

The sweet creation he’s made.

The amazing adventures he wants us to go on with Him.

The future and eternity of the trinity family, us included, is going to make the paper and the electronic copy of the bible pale into stupidity.

And yet we worship it as if it was an actual part of the trinity.
We fight wars over it, and over the conclusions we think it teaches, whilst God sits to the side after we’ve made our choices and he cries.

God says he is LOVE. and yet we, for some reason, read into the bible that he actually hates.
God dies for EVERY sinner, and yet we, for some reason, read into the bible that he only died for the rich white people who have university degrees and multiple cars.
God says he VALUES us not just for eternity but every minute of our day, and yet we, for some reason, get salvations to add to our tally board and forget about the thousands starving to death.
God says that EVIL EXISTS, that sometimes crap happens, but he will be there for us, and yet we, for some reason, ignore evils existence and think

– {Christian =  rich and healthy} vs {sickness and poverty = that must mean God hates us.}




AND, when something doesn’t make any sense to our human minds, that doesn’t mean that there’s error in Gods logic. We need to be patient. We need to be slow to point fingers. And maybe we could also extend even a one hundredth of the mercy he had extended us to give him a chance to explain what we can’t see as mortal, sinful, people.

A magpie and its violence


2 thoughts on “Our God is NOT a book.

  1. This is a big issue for me – the tension between scripture and experience of God in life. When you look at what God is up to in creation the idea that he would lock up a permanent inflexible model at one point in history is at the heart of the tension.

    1. Yeah, so can you sometimes see principles in the lock up that are universally true that would completely change nations if communicated and applied well? That are also seen in the experience of God in life? We are learning about this tons this week. Its soo fun.

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