The lenses we see.

If we read the bible through certain lenses, it colours it in a more helpful way.

God is…..
If we find that God is just a lump of wood that talks not, creates not, has power not and can be set on fire and done away with, we will behave in a certain way towards God. Respect and honour won’t be all that high, relational intimacy will be pretty low. But if God is king of all, lord of lords, creator of all things, ultimate lover and saviour our response could and should be different. He knows what he’s doing. He knows more then us. He does things for reason. He’s quite obvious and wants us to know him.

Who we see God to be is quite important to how we read the bible.

The Material world is GOOD……
When God made it all he said it was GOOD, and God knows when something is GOOD. So everything we read in the bible, everything we see in our lives even, needs to have with it the truth that the material world, the touchable world, the tangible world, is good. When something is good we treat it a certain way.

All of Life is Sacred/created equal…..
Theres no sacred secular split. As we read through Gods intentions for humans and the material world, all of it is sacred. And more then that its all equal. Race, gender, financial status, health, educational history. Equal and sacred.

There are parts of scripture that we could easily read a certain way because of the culture we live in. Slavery for example. ‘Oh, God says we can have slaves, that must mean the black people…’ Or wives submitting to husbands. ‘Oh God says you have to do what I say because your not as worthy as me because you have to submit’ completely forgetting the mans job of laying down his life for the wife like jesus the church, and forgetting that the woman is equal to the man.

ALL is Fallen….
As Adam crunched that apple, the fall was complete and everything fell. Everything. Man, animal, environments. Not just somethings. Ice Cream… thats fallen too. Nice grandmothers, they are fallen too. Benevolent leaders… FALLEN. Which means, all through the bible God puts checks and balances in because he KNOWS that old grandmothers can turn into mass murders. God also knows the absolute power can turn corrupt very suddenly.

God does some amazingly strange things sometimes. But he also rescues humanity from destruction multiple times with those strange things.

Everything is Redeemable….
All may be fallen, but all is redeemable. Everything can be improved. Everything can be rebuilt. There is no “too far”. Which is an important thing as we read about Israel as a nation, but also individual characters and members of the general public.

God WANTS to redeem everything. Its the gospel story ‘God will never give up on us’.

The scriptures are powerful and if we read them with Gods heart and tae him at his word. It gets so much more exciting.

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