If we were only taught to think.

To an extent, I was taught to think.
Dad would read to us from proverbs at breakfast and discuss them with us.
Mum would sit on my bed and chat through what was happening in life and why it would be wise to think through certain other options.

Back then it seemed unfair. I just wanted to run to school. I just wanted to do the easy thing. I just wanted to fit in. But in hindsight, my parents somehow got it through to me, that just because its the done thing, doesn’t mean its the best thing.

So my fashion was different, my priorities in social interaction was different. The reason I had people over for dinner was different. I would ask why a lot (and sometimes teachers would answer). I tried things, just because I could but I never HAD to, so i decided not to a lot of the time, when other people would have just done because they felt pressure and they didn’t find the ways and means to think it through.

Today I read a prominent christian tweet about how public schools should have more christian education, to give the church a bigger voice. http://wp.me/p1utPe-qo i chuckled inside.

God has already given the church the biggest voice possible. Its called love and wisdom. What place can a child not learn love and wisdom better then in a family context? I’m not talking about home schooling. I’m not talking about taking all of the kids and putting them in a christian bubble. I’m talking about teaching our kids how to think and how to love people in our homes as they do life outside of their homes.

I was public schooled my entire 13 years of initial education. But just imagine, I come home from school after being told about sex for the “first” time. And my parents have set up quite an open forum for questions and discussions and I innocently ask a blunt question about sex. Instead of having just the school opinion (which in recent times could be anything) I get to have an open discussion with parents who love me, who know me and who hopefully will know a little of Gods principles. Or I watch a violent movie, or I smoke a ton of weed, or I enroll to vote, or I drive or a start a business, or I learn about evolution etc etc. All of these things need a process to think through the possibilities. And what better process then a tight nit family?

Instead of letting the government educate our children, or even other christians educate our children…. we could.

Shout out to my parents. And to public schools.

2 thoughts on “If we were only taught to think.

  1. Hello Traveler. So you are in South Africa. Such a big place to journey. It is always good to read back to see where you have been and where you are. Take it all in. I wish you peace on your travels. Stay safe. My prayers to with you.

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