There are no Islands… just one world.

“Cuba is no longer an island… there are no Islands, just one world.”

I’m currently reading a book by one of my favourite journalists about globalisation. (written 14 years ago… theres old school bits) And its strange the parallels with the gospel, and development. From what I understand of it, free market capitalism is a neutral ideal that could easily be used for amazing good, and also could be used for destructive bad.

On a global scale, the west has decided that throwing loads of money at Africa has been a great thing, that has no backlashes on anyone. Whilst our own economies on the whole, don’t include hand outs, punish businesses who don’t succeed (educating for the future) and in some ways, we apprentice future leaders through programs, degrees and mentoring. Globalisation enables us, to teach, hand out tools and knowledge and leave other nations to build themselves into a more effective member of the global economy. Why the west, as the main front runners of the initial global grab for economic dominance, isn’t teaching everyone else how to do it good is a thing of mystery. Competition is good for the globe, it fuels innovation and creativity in and outside of the market. So why we uncreatively hand out money and unrepayable debt without the tools to even payback the interest is also a mystery to me.

Give a man a fish, and unless he is vegan he will eat for a few moments, depending on his skills at boning and cooking fish. Teach that same man how to trade that fish for school supplies that he can trade for a truck full of material, that he trade for suits that he can sell and buy a street cart that he can then multiply until he can open a brand of restaurants all over the world and you teach that man a skill that enables him, his children, his cousins and his legacy to eat daily, and store some money away so that when his wife gets sick they don’t have to live on the streets again.

Development aid that throws cash and runs away to our castles is unproductive, in both monetary terms and relational terms. Development aid that gives a seed to man and the know how to grow it…..

Thought two.

The current global market exists. If a country sticks its head in the sand and refuses to belief the reality, that doesn’t mean we can go back to the economics of the cold war. It means our country loses out. If our nations decide that the internet isn’t for us. Then the rest of the world will run over that country like a freight train and leave it in its dust. You can’t not be in the “market place” anymore, but you can sit on the floor and chuck a tantrum.

Similar to the reality of existence. There are consequences to our actions. Every single one of them. If we convince ourselves that there aren’t, or that certain consequences don’t exist just for us, we will lose out. There effective choices, and less effective choices and these will take us closer or further away from our intended destination. And we can cheat and steal to get there, but even tho we may get there, there will be crashing points.

A concluding thought.
What is going on in our globe, is also going on in our individual lives. We can destroy peoples lives with our words, or we can give them the tools to be awesome. These tools are sometimes a simple affirmation of who that person is to you. “Hey, i love how…” These are sometimes never heard by the person, and helps them see who they are. These tools can also be teaching someone how to do something they want to do. The amount of times i’ve taken a few minutes to teach a kid something simple that allows them to know something, or do something increases their enthusiasm to learn, and grow, because they tangibly can and have. The simpler the better. These tools can also be listening. Listening is huge. And it is a skill set that isn’t seen all that well in many people. And listening isn’t just not talking. Listening is engaging in another persons life.

We can also refuse to face up to reality. Convincing ourselves that our job is enjoyable, and the place we are in life is exactly what we want, when its the complete opposite to what we dreamed. But we think… if we just keep going, maybe our dreams will arrive. They won’t. And sometimes like a nations economy, you have to take a really big risk and change everything, fire some government employees, deregulate and privatize a lot of national companies and go on adventure. Risk in the face of reality. Don’t settle for lies.

Give other people their hopes. Risk everything going for your own.


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