You are the complete answer.

So… process with me.
I have a tattoo on my calf that says “$7?”. And occasionally i use it to make people think. It goes a little like this.

“$7?, whats that?”

me: What do you think it is?

Other:….. i don’t know… is it even real?

I offer them to touch it and feel that it is indeed a tattoo

Me: Why do you think a grown man would get that on his leg?

The conversation revolves around
money – worth,
7 – Completion,
question marks – need a response or an answer or more questions.

We then usually go into some type of dialogue on worth or destiny or purpose. How i believe humans are valuable and we all have an amazing destiny.
I’ve had similar conversations all over the world, that differ slightly, but recently, a girl suddenly blurted out – “Is it that we are the complete answer?” BING my brain exploded.

Yes, I said, you are the complete answer.

A guy next to us: Answer to what?

Me: everything.

It hit me, after years of thinking and reading and being told.

God has made reality so that we are adopted, authority-given, redeemed and complete answers to IT. What is it? It is a large amount of things. I was once asked “What problem on the planet isn’t a relational problem?” There is none. Even extreme weather is a relational problem and the answer to these problems isn’t just God. Jesus hung on a cross to bring reality back into alignment with reality. He solved our reality problems. And we have been delegated the authority to be the complete answer to the rest.

So what holds us back from being the answer?

False reality – Jesus brought reality back into alignment, but we can still choose to believe the lies of the old reality.

Discrediting our own worth, or the value of others – We can’t easily be a complete answer if we don’t see the love we are handed, and the pass on of that love. Every human is worth dying on a cross for. We are equally loved and favoured. Nothing we can do can lessen or add to our worth.

Knowing Gods majesty – If we go rogue from the kingdom, we fight against the complete answer we were created to be.

You are the complete answer.
You are the complete answer to your nation, and all nations.
You are the complete answer to Gods will.
You are the complete answer to the construction and maintenance of the city of God.

*Now, i know most of you are scoffing at my humanist dogma. As if i was saying that we saved ourselves, that we don’t need God, that we just need science and a feeling of good will towards each other. I am not saying that. I am a sinner, saved by grace. But on the cross Jesus adopted us, holy, into the family of God. The triune community. As soon as i agree with that reality, everything changes.

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